Wallace and Gromit “Faked moon landing” in 1990 documentary.


Not smiling anymore – The two lying plasticine actors head to the gallows.

Wallace and Gromit are to be sentenced tomorrow for finally being found guilty of faking the famous 1990 moon landings, in which they supposedly travelled in a home-made rocket to the moon, in order to feast on its cheese-based rocks. During the apparent trip, they met a sentient machine, which attempted to interact with the pair.

In a trial lasting for twenty-five years, the pair have been accused of fabricating the entire trip, in the form of a sophisticated animation technique known as stop-motion. Using this complex deception, they created an entire set, made to look just like the moon.

It was found that the plasticine pair did not in fact travel to the moon, and instead created the ruse to make millions, and kick off their popular series. Hounded by press, and public, they yesterday were seen exiting the court with coats over their shamed heads, while angry people spat and howled, some even throwing rancid cheese at the fleeing man and dog

“They’re a couple of fucking cheese eating cunts”, yelled a red-faced man, shaking a fist and barking abuse.

“I spent years hoping for rockets to the moon to begin being available so I could go and get some moon cheese for myself. Then I find out that these two pricks faked the whole thing. I think they should be hanged, and have cheese rammed up their fucking arse-holes. I’d like to see them spread on a cracker and shat out, the cunts.”

If sentenced to death, the pair will indeed be strung up before a crowd of millions, in a live t.v event to air next month, presented by Dermot O Leary, and Davina Mcall.


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