PS4 Outrage

PS4 Outrage

SONY caused outrage at the launch of the PS4 this week after millions of consoles were released with only one game, which is the QBASIC hit Gorillas. The ancient game will be built into the PS4, and will be the only game on the machine, which retails at 400 dollars.

Millions were seen spitting and shitting with rage at the massive deception, which left thousands with useless hunks of plastic, playing one archaic game from 1991. The machine will default entirely to the game, and at no point will utilise any other of its promised features. Gamers will also have to use an incredibly complicated system of maths just to toss one fucking banana.

“Fuck off all of ya.” said a chortling spokesman, when asked.

“We’re unapologetic. It’s funny. Seeing all your faces when you turn this machine on, and are faced with a twenty two year old MS-DOS 6 game grinning back at you with all five of its colours. Makes us crack right up.”

Experts predict the PS4 will still sell millions.


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