BREAKING NEWS: Sausage from Grange Hill dies.



Iconic, memorable. Two words used to describe something that is both of those things. The sausage from Grange Hill died at age 58 this week, from a massive coronary. A kind of British version of Che Guevara, the image of the famous cartoon sausage was loved by millions, and changed a word that at the time was struggling with Cold-War paranoia. 

Bono was one of the celebrities paying tribute tonight. 

“The sausage from Grange Hill invented Rock and Roll. U2 were really digging his work in the 80s, and even toured with him during those times. He truly bought soul to the image of cartoon mashed pig inside a sort of skin.”


Sausage leaves two chipolatas and a cottage in York.

How the news was broken on BBC News 24.



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