The kids aren’t alright.

Thought of an idea. It’s parents being massively horrible about the performance of youngsters at school plays. Highlights from my head.

“The assembly hall rang with shouts, heckles, and screams of fury, as parents rounded on the glaring ineptitude of their children to perform the simplest of stage plays with any panache. One parent said:

“I could have gone bowling. I could have taken my wife to dinner, or read a book. Instead, I’ve just sat through an hour of the most tepid acting I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen Critters 4. Honestly, I knew kids weren’t the best actors, but this takes the piss. Jeremy, my son, acted with all the confidence and verve as a burned sock. I’ll be talking to him about pacing and timing later. Honestly, would I audition this shambolic smattering of pre-pubescent arseholes? Would I FUCK”


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