Looking Back. Games

Memories. Here’s a post I once did on LJ about games I got for the Spectrum. It’s amazing what you remember years on.

It’s got to that point of the day when i’m so indifferent in mood that I make that sounds a horse makes. You know, that sort of mouth shaking spluttering noise.

Opening up the wounds of Spectrum gaming, now. With some more sideways gawps at sodding old classics, and non classics. You know, my Dizzy video got a massive one out of five rating on youtube. Cheeky cunts, how could they not appreciate a poor quality two minutes of blurred and incoherent blathering filmed on a mobile phone, eh?

Check out these screens and spunk a carrot through your arseholes:

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This is Greyfell. It’s an isometric adventure featuring monochrome graphics and a hopeless trudge through an unending series of apparently arbitrary environments. A bit like living in Margate. The hero is a cat, a bipedal cat in dungarees. I got it for Christmas, and I remember thinking how brilliant it was. Not so much a case of youthful rose tinted spectacles, rather being draped in a fucking rose tinted er…shower curtain.

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I got this as well at the same time. Codemasters won’t allow anyone to download it, which probably saves us ten whole minutes of wasted life. This bloke has to go into an incredibly dangerous mine to retrieve his shit tools. His mates laugh at him, but they won’t be laughing when he inevitably dies. Which he does, over and over again. A jet of horse piss in the eyes and no mistake.

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I remember Bolb telling me that i’d got a game for Christmas. I found it in a kitchen cupboard, and mis-read it as “brainarc”. I still laugh when I recall this hilarious mis-pronounciation. Have sex with a tower of beans! Fuck it plenty! Call the sentry!


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